Fruity Kick

Fruity Kick is a brand of fresh juices providing three different flavours in packs of 200 ml for which I created a distinctive, colorful and recognisable brand identity.


Famous for its refine Flemish cuisine, Bloempot is a restaurant in the heart of Lille, France. Cooking only organic products from local farmers and wildlife, it is a fine tribute to French Flanders.
I've been comissioned to rededesign their website.

Rose Hinkala

Rose Hinkala is one of the leading fashion designers of Central African Republic.
She has worked as a freelance fashion designer in various countries throughout the world before settling back in her own country to persue her career and train young designers.

Op Zee

I designed the identity and website of dutch
sea food restaurant Op Zee (meaning 'At Sea'
in Dutch).
The brand shows the freshness of their
products as if eating straight from the sea.

Chris Marmier

Beside being a graphic and web designer,
I'm also an illustrator. I made a website to display and sell my artwork. For commissioned work, I'm represented by Artbox Amsterdam.


Planète Levain

I was hired by Planet Levain to create their name, identity and website. This organic bakery only makes sourdough bread and the goal of its website is also to explain how it's made and its benefits. 'Planète Levain' means 'Planet Sourdough' in French.

Studios SMOM

SMOM studios is a recording studio and rehearsal space in Paris.
I was commissioned to recreate their branding and website.


I was commissioned to redesign the logo and identity of Vetalians, twin veterinary clinics in two cities: Saint-Yorre and Puy Guillaume, France. They both have exactly the same identity, only the colors differ.

Be Happy

For the new year, as usual, I send greeting cards. This year, they were personalized and came with a hand-drawn animation.

Groupe Galeries Lafayette

I was comissioned to design the responsible development report of french store chain Groupe Galeries Lafayette.

Monkey Beard

Monkey Beard is an Amsterdam-based mobile apps developer whose focus is on social,
service-oriented, well-performing apps
for everyday life.

I've been hired to design the identity and website. The monkey naturally became
the visual core of the identity.

Clip Audio

Clip Audio provides audio and light equipements
for all type of events.

I've been asked to design the logo, stationery and website. Since the website only presents the activity and equipment, I came up with the idea of adding birds to scenery to add some fun and stand out in a competitive market.

Fête le Loup

Paris based Fête le Loup organizes an animates events for children or adults in Paris.

I've been hired to design their identity and website, with illustrations by Olivier Junière.

les Films de Jules

Normandy based film producer Les films de Jules hired me to create their identity and website.

Dr Prêtre

Antoine Prêtre is an aesthetic doctor
who hired me to create his identity and website. He needed a website that clearly explains his activity and the treatments adapted to the needs of his clients.

Thomas Puvill

Thomas Puvill commissioned me to illustrate the cover of his book presenting his doctoral thesis.

Experts Council

Consultancy firm Experts Council helps clients build their projects by bringing them together with the proper experts.

They hired me to redesign their website.
I proposed a metaphoric concept to illustrate the meeting between the clients and experts who both can meet through this platform.

Taureau Ailé

I redesigned rice brand Taureau Ailé's website for a pitch. The idea was to present the different types of rice, recipes and their origins by entering the website through different journeys. This design work was never used but I wanted to share it since I enjoyed working on it and I like the result.

Groupe Chantelle

I was commissioned to design lingerie brand Groupe Chantelle's new internal magazine which is mailed every two months to each employee.

Dr Schils

Dr Schils is a neurosurgeon based in Geneva, Switzerland, who practices in various countries. I was commissioned to design his identity and website.


Kymeos provides telecommunication devices and technicals support for companies mostly based in Africa and the Middle East.
I was hired to design their identity and website.

Sweet Life

'Sweet Life' is a personal project of photomontage that I've started years ago. I use photos of people and animals that I dismantle, mix up, and put together to tell stories of everyday life.

Seine Agency

Seine Agency is a Sino-French travel agency specialized in romantic european destinations for chinese travelers.
I was asked to design their identity and website.

Services à la Maison

Services à la Maison provides household services such as cleaning, taking care of the elders, baby-sitting, etc.
I was hired to create their website and identity reflecting the high quality of their services.

Art Your Home

Art Your Home and Art Your Office are twin interior design agencies based in Geneva, Switzerland.
I was hired to create their website and identity highlighting the link between home and personality.

La Bellevilloise

La bellevilloise is an independent space dedicated to art and festivities in Paris.
I've been hired to design the branding of its event "La Grande Prairie", which is a summer event open to a general audience with various activities for everyone.

Epithete Films

French independent movie production company Epithete Films asked me to design their website.


Gabonese film production company Amanni asked me to create their identity, website, and illustrate the posters of their movies.


MAP is parisian network that help developing musical projects. Each year musicians and music professionals can meet through an event called JIRAFE, for which I've illustrated colorful posters and leaflets.


Decathlon needed to hire men and women
over 50 years old. I created their senior's recruitment campaign with the strapline:
'love of sport is ageless'.

Coca-Cola Entreprise

I was commissioned by ZComme agency
to make illustrations for Coca-Cola Entreprises' corporate responsibility and sustainability communication. We had to make a series
of stop-motion short films to illustrate
the actions of some employees for the environment.

Zcomme agency won the Bronze prize for
HR creativty 2012, with this campaign.

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